François Alfonsi

François Alfonsi (born on September 14 1953 in Ajaccio ) is a politician French, a former MEP , elected on 7 June 2009 in the South-East constituency on a "list  Europe Ecology  " ( Greens / EFA ) and Mayor of Osani in Corsica(2002). He is a member of the Corsican Nation Party and chaired since 2014 the European Free Alliance (EFA).


The commitment nationalist François Alfonsi goes back to the 1970s . In 1987 , he was elected territorial councilor in the Corsican Assembly (position he held until 1998 ). He is Mayor of Osani since 2002 .

During the 2009 European elections in France , he was elected on a list of Europe Ecology , together with the Federation Regions and several people (RPS) which he is spokesman. Member of the Corsican Nation Party(PNC), he is also co-director of the weekly Arriti 1 .